PrintPersonal branding, or the act of identifying, positioning and promoting one’s self, has never been more timely and critical than it is today. After comprehending the idea that there is no longer “an offline” and that a permanent, living image of ourselves constantly exists online for those to view, we can then realise the importance of forging a consistent and effective personal brand.

The concept of personal branding was born out of research over half a century ago, when in the 50s studies were examining how individuals were reinforcing and expressing their perception of themselves. While mere common sense now, it was being found that individuals were cautiously selecting signs, symbols, possessions, products and brands to construct their desired image to others. It was sociologist Erving Goffman who coined the term “self-presentation”, which was later notably applied in a business sense by Tom Peters in his ‘97 article, “A Brand Called You”. Here, Peters likened professional self-presentation to the management of one’s personal company or brand.

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