Any company that believes it can manage a reputational issue in the absence of a social media strategy is delusional. Example: close to 60% of the community in Hong Kong are on Facebook. If you have a Hong Kong problem that involves the public and you don’t have a Facebook plan, you are missing a vital, effective communications resource.

Late last month, Ruder Finn announced the formation of a Hong Kong-based reputation & risk management practice headed up by Charles Lankester, an industry veteran with 20+ years experience in Asia and in Europe.

Of primary focus for Lankester and his team is “predictive intelligence”, a preparedness approach that he describes as giving clients tools to look “around the corner” or, at the very least, to have plans in place to adapt to an unfolding PR crisis.

Say, an exploding smartphone, a tasteless Tweet, a reckless candidate or other unwanted brand narratives that now circle the globe within minutes rather than hours or days.

Sound familiar?

Branding in Asia recently caught up with Charles Lankester at his office in Hong Kong to talk about reputation management, ‘schizophrenia’ in the PR industry and the importance of organizations to think like scriptwriters as much as risk managers.

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